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The Girl with the Mousy Hair

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A psychological horror about a middle aged queer woman returning to her childhood home only to see traumatic events from her past acted out in front of her. 

A surreal look at repressed trauma as Eve is forced to confront memories of her early childhood, reaching its peak when she decides to enter the room that holds the memory of her being sexually abused by the pest control worker. The tale of Tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin is woven into the story: Child Eve leads Adult Eve to the core of the story and of the house. Now Eve must save her child self from the man's paws.  

Quotes from SWIFF judges: 

"A film that celebrates the director's extraordinary creative vision, revealing new dimensions of storytelling and visual artistry."

"The film's visual style is a feast for the eyes, with a unique and captivating approach that sets it apart."

"A thought-provoking film that challenges conventional norms, offering a fresh and unique perspective on its subject matter."

The Girl with the Mousy Hair is still on the festival circuit and it has won Best Student Short Film at Women's International Film Festival and Best Female Director at Carpe Diem Film Festival. It won semi-finalist awards at Student World Impact Film Festival and at Boden International Film Festival. It was selected for Cinema in the Arches Film Festival, Women in Film And Television Cyprus, London Art House Film Festival and Festival Internacional de Cine y Multimedia. Link to the Kickstarter campaign here

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