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The Bed

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 11.38.07.png

A four minute experimental film about a queer couple's last night together.

Kadi and Stella have created a space of joy, safety and power. Their room is a celebration of their love and at the heart of it their double bed. Now that Kadi has to return to her conservative family back home, what will become of their bed? The Bed is an exploration of queer joy and the often precarious feeling of having a safe space and a happy relationship in the face of an oppressive world. 

The Bed is currently still on the festival circuit but it has had a wonderful awards season. It won the Education Prize at The Iris Film Awards. It has been shown around the world in festivals, such as Vancouver Black Film Festival, National Youth Film Awards, Women X Film Festival and Women's Film Festival Demakijaz. More information can be seen on Vancouver Black Film Festival's page: here 

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