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Intimacy Coordination

I am extremely passionate about representations of sexuality on screen and combatting the common abuse of power on film sets. Intimacy Coordination is at the forefront of the movement to change this power imbalance and I find it hugely rewarding to work with actors and make sure that they feel supported and comfortable on set. 

I approach every project with care and attention as every cast, crew and project is different. Every actor's level of comfort with intimate scenes is different and some scenes that may appear simple can make an actor feel very vulnerable and exposed. My job is to act as the bridge between the director and the actors and navigate the scene with the full consent and understanding of the actor. 

I attend regular workshops on intimacy coordination (Intimacy On Set, Intimacy Professionals Association) and worked with Jenefer Odell (Sex Education S2&3, Blue Jean, Dune: Part Two, Grantchester S7) during my Masters at Goldsmiths.
I have completed training on Consent and Boundaries, Sexual Harassment, SAG-AFTRA and ACTRA Nudity Guidelines, Trauma Awareness and Communication and Conflict Negotiation Skills. I have read a wide variety of literature on Sexaulity and Intimacy on Set and more specifically about Sexual Trauma and Care.
I have various credits as an intimacy coordinator, which vary from experimental horror to thrillers to intimate dramas. 

Feel free to get in touch if your project needs an intimacy coordinator. 

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