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Films in Development

A short body horror about a woman who gets a tattoo to commemorate her grandfather's death only to learn a horrible secret...

I was hired by Sebastino Pupino (The Last Bite, Gadget) to come up with an original short horror. I came up with the horrific story of Clari, an introverted adult longing to commemorate a happy childhood  that never happened. 

Rain, Rain, Go Away is currently in post production and will be released on the online horror channel 'Dust' later this year.

A link to the kickstarter that help fund the last part of the budget can be found here 


A short psychological horror about a woman confined within a Greek Orthodox Church, Eugenia receives a dark confrontation about her recent abortion.

My grandma was a staunch Irish Catholic. When she died, I discovered she left money to a pro-life organisation and had supported anti-abortion rights throughout her life.
This is my response to that legacy.

We have confirmed our location, actors and crew, we are just arranging the funding currently. 

I am collaborating with Director of Photography Margarita Velentza and Producer Dima Sharif, who I worked with on the award-winning short The Bed. It is currently in pre-production.  

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