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One Shot Films  

A one shot character portrait is an exercise in establishing a character through mise-en-scène, sound and movement. The idea for these exercises is to instantly show a character without using dialogue to express their identity and then to show a turning point in their life. 

En Pointe

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 10.07.10.png

A young woman fails to retrieve her youthful joy and ease once she takes on the role of mother. 

The story of En Pointe is a young woman practicing her ballet in a small but idyllic flat and struggling to achieve the movements that she used to be able to do, she inspects her caesarean scar and then a crying baby interrupts her. She picks up the baby and puts it out on the balcony to continue on with her dancing. The aim of the film was to transform the mood of the room from one of idyllic youth to a depressing and claustrophobic space in which the woman feels trapped by her responsibility of being a mother.

Dirty Laundry 

dl 2.jpg

The secrets of a sinful nun revealed as she hangs out washing. 

Dirty Laundry is a scene in which a nun hangs up washing in an tranquil garden, sits down, takes a swig from a hip flask and settles in to read Sex Tips for Girls. A satire on Catholic freedom and judgement. 


zen 1.jpg

Shot completely from behind this window, we watch as the woman receives a message which throws her into a fury. 

Someone practices their drumming, while her life is crumbling around her. She stops her yoga and we hear her enter the room, furious and hectic, only to tear up letters from her past. 


st 2.jpg

A pastiche on  1950s housewifery and the secrets hidden below the surface. 

A darkly comedic horror in which a woman sews, with her back to the camera, what is revealed to be a body bag for a man lying just out of sight. The man, likely her husband, has been overcome at last, she has achieved a small victory, a bloody one too. 

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