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Thalia Kent-Egan 

I work in all aspects of filmmaking production and continue to make my own projects alongside working in the industry. I won Best Student Short Film at Women's International Film Festival 2023 and Best Female Director at Carpe Diem Film Festival 2023 for my short film 'The Girl with the Mousy Hair'. My film, The Bed, won The Education Award at the Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival 2022. I am working on two shorts that are currently in development. 

After graduating from Oxford University in French and German I did a Masters in Directing Fiction at Goldsmiths, where I honed my filmmaking skills and made two short films. 

I work in the industry in various capacities, from script analysis and development to post production coordination. I recently finished working as a Post Production Coordinator for two Netflix series (Top Boy S3 and Sex Education S4). Previously, I also worked on set as Head of Releases for award winning American Reality show Top Chef. 

I also work as an intimacy coordinator as the promotion of safe sets and consent is very close to my heart. I recently worked on a feature for the first time choreographing the intimate scenes and working closely with the actors. The film, Thicker than Water (The 3 of Spades Productions) is currently in development. 

Get in touch for more information. 

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